We are always evaluating new development projects within both the residential and commercial sectors. We are actively looking for new projects which might include houses with development potential, vacant freehold buildings, land (with or without planning permission) and brownfield sites.

  • Houses and Flats: We are constantly looking to purchase both individual units and portfolios either at below market value and/or where value can be added through refurbishment and development and/or where bulk discounts can be obtained on developers’ stock.
  • New build development sites with existing planning consent: As far as these are concerned, we are willing to consider ‘lots’ of any size from single dwellings to multiple units.
  • Unconditional sites: These might include, amongst other things, brownfield sites, vacant offices, pubs, petrol stations and un-modernised and derelict buildings. In other words we are looking for anything with planning up-lift potential.
  • Commercial and mixed-use investments with asset management potential

Please use the contact form for any inquiries